The Santander AAdvantage Black Card is now available

The Santander AAdvantage Black card is the perfect companion for a more comfortable trip full of benefits. Find out more.

If you enjoy traveling as well as saving money on your everyday purchases, the Santander AAdvantage Black card might be right for you. As you can see, this international credit card has a power points system, insurance, and perks so that you can feel comfortable and secure anywhere you go.

In order to apply for your Santander AAdvantage Black card, you must meet certain criteria. You might have to pay some of them according to your income. As a result, the institution will be able to set a limit that is suitable for the profile of its consumers and offer them more specific benefits as well.

Black Santander Aadvantage Card features

Travel with more advantages, security, and benefits

A major attraction of this credit card is the structure it offers to travelers who travel often. Thus, you can count on more miles in certain types of transactions and you will be able to earn points with the institution.

This is in addition to having a great accumulation potential to monetize or travel. The international card offers advantages for everyone, from traditional customers to the most modern ones.

It is important to pay attention to a few points of the Santander AAdvantage Black card. Shopping outside of Brazil, for instance, is the only way to earn extra miles. As long as you accrue expenses on your card, you get one mile for each dollar you spend.

Increasing your purchasing power

To obtain your credit card, you must meet more requirements. If you do not have an account with the institution, you must prove that you earn over twenty thousand reais per month.

People with an existing relationship with the bank are required to prove a monthly income of twelve thousand and five hundred reais. Thus, the institution is able to serve customers of a wide variety with higher and more attractive limits.

The Avantage Black Process

Its requirements for an approved proposal make the Santander AAdvantage Black card an excellent option for travelers. Customers anywhere on the planet can enjoy miles and comfort thanks to its focus on offering miles.

The ability to receive assistance anywhere in the world in case of an emergency is one of them. There is no additional charge for the fast service! Those who make frequent international trips may find this an attractive advantage.

A credit card such as this does not just have this advantage. Additionally, it has benefits for those who enjoy rewards programs! By converting every dollar spent on purchases, you can earn miles to travel, or even unmissable conditions to go to restaurants, go shopping and even buy products at partner stores and take another one.

The rewards you will receive will be incredible as a result. To avoid headaches, it is important to check your points’ expiration date. The Santander AAdvantage Black card is not only a reference in accumulating miles, but also offers rewards, bonuses and other benefits to make travel more enjoyable.

There are more than eight hundred VIP lounges in airports around the world, for example! The wait will be more pleasant and comfortable as a result. The same applies to car rentals, where you can save on insurance and assistance while still saving money.

Check out how to get a Santander Aadvantage Black Card

In order to be eligible for AAdvantage, you must prove that you have more than twelve thousand five hundred reais in income, if you are a Santander customer. Otherwise, the value increases to twenty thousand reais.

It is unlikely that you will be approved for a black credit card if you do not meet the eligibility requirements. If this is not done, approval will be impossible. There is no doubt that this is a product that offers high limits. You will then need to follow a very simple step-by-step process to apply for your credit card if you meet these requirements.

You can order the Santander AAdvantage Black card by visiting the card page. As a next step, you must provide relevant personal information, documents, and information about your professional background.

You must also submit an official document that proves your monthly income. You will receive your black card in the comfort of your home after your request is returned via email.

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